Video is the key to marketing your business and promoting your website and building authority on the Internet. Instead of spending thousands on professional video, why not make a video blog? Do IT Yourself with your mobile device and edit with Microsoft Movie Maker. Where to start? Read more>
Tip:  Have a professional prepare your intro and outro which you can use again and again.
Why make a video blog: Customers will watch it and share; It is more personal; Improves your web presence; all stakeholders like to see your video and are proud of the exposure.
1. Decide why you are making the vblog (video blog), what your theme is and who will be reading it.
Topics maybe: company updates, industry/product news, instruction, regulatory changes
2. Select a web host to host your vblog. This maybe Vimeo, YouTube or/and you can create a blog on your website.
3. Name your vblog. Select a name which is catchy, easy to remember but also relevant to your theme.
4. Prepare your content and topics in advance, otherwise the whole project will die out. You may want to make prepare a series of blogs at one time.
5. Shoot your video. 

  • If you are using your smart phone buy a mini tripod to place on your desk.
  • Consider the environment you are shooting in. For example background noise (purchase a lapel microphone), lighting (use existing house hold lights), surrounding esthetics.
  • Test the quality of the microphone and do not sit far from the device.
  • Frame the vblog from the chest up. This allows you to cope with the pixels of your device and to capture the sound better.
Note: There are smart phone applications you can download to record on your telephone and guide you though the process. I will go into which is best, but do experiment.
6. Once you have your video footage, edit it to get the best colour and sound. You may want to add subtitles. As mentioned above there are apps available to help you edit directly on your mobile device. I do find that the best results do come from working on a computer.
Due to your vblog being a regular marketing communication tool, invest in the development of an intro and an outro, plus consider a call to action. It may be as simple as asking people to subscribe. Most video hosting services provide a tool to allow you to add a clickable link within the video.
7. Promote your video. Don't just place it on your video web host or on your website. Optimize your video with keywords, pay to advertise it, place it on your social media channels and link via newsletters.
As mentioned at the beginning, the above will allow you to produce a vblog, and in many cases it is enough to get by. However, if you are promoting a brand of product, I would suggest filing the vblog professionally. It is your brand you are representing and your video will be on the Internet forever. 
To get the best value, schedule a video shoot so you can produce a series of vblogs in a day shoot.
As you can imagine ClipCube Media provides such services both with regards to video shoots, post editing, uploading the video and SEO, and promotion of the vblog.
I hope you found this useful.