What is an email video signature?

A video email signature is an embedded video link in the footer of your email. It can be clearly identified though a small thumbnail image of you and when clicked loads your video in your browser. It is effectively an interactive visiting card providing more information about you.

Just like your name card, it should be carefully planned, rehearsed and designed. Anything less will have a negative impact. We help you in this process. View our packages...


Why should I include a video link in your email Video signature?

On average people send and receive 122 emails per day with most being rather impersonal, and in many cases you will not have met the person face to face. Why not bridge the gap and create a video to introduce yourself so the recipient feels they have met you, what you are like and learn what you do and what your organization does.

Telling someone a bit about yourself in an non-obtrusive manner builds trust when they can see you speaking, proves it is not a spam message and encourages the viewer to do business with you. View our packages...


Who should have an email video signature?

The simple answer is anyone customer facing.

Meaning anyone who you are selling to or are working with in a project. Where you are a large company, you do not get to meet people if they work in different departments or locations, so this can break down the barriers.

You will find people are more receptive and address you in a more friendly manner. View our packages...

How should you style your email video signature?

As part of our package, we work with the client to create a script template, agree on the background and style of the presentation and the background music.

This is an example of a 30 second email video signature without subtitles, which focuses the individual, their roles and skills. This 60 second email video signature without subtitles provides the same content as the 30 second version, and also provides basic information on the organisation, with a call to action. This 120 second email video signature with subtitles provides the same content as the 30 second version, but with more extensive information about the organisation and its products and services, with a call to action.


Here is an example of a lively Margo.




Where should you place the video?

The signature video is not only used in your email signature, but can be used in many online platforms like on a website page / Linked In/Social Media channels/ sent as an introduction as part of a team/ email campaigns.

If you use QR codes, you can add it as a link on name cards, brochures and other static below the line media.

Where to store the videos? 

You have a few alternatives. You can be add the link to your website, so it auto runs when the thumbnail is clicked. This involves a little configuration. You can also add to video hosting services like Youtube or Vimeo.

Keep in mind you that some companies' firewalls block social media access and insecure websites (eg http://), sothe recipient may not be able to view your video.

ClipCube Media offers a signature hosting service on our Singapore based servers, for those who do not want to go through the approval process of using their head office webmaster, or include on your website or video hosting.

We keep all of your companies signatures in a secure environment (SSL). This means company firewalls will not block the video, hosted  on media channels like Youtube, etc. or an isecure website.

You can add and remove when you want. It’s simple.

How can I evaluate the video signature's effectiveness?

If you are linking via social media (not recommended, as sometimes blocked by firewalls), you will see the number of views in the statistics, as you can l also do from you website via Google Analytics, but that will involve asking your webmaster to provide this to you.

If you use the ClipCube hosting, you can see how many people have viewed your video signature via our analytics reporting, which you can log in individually whenever you want.

How much does it cost?

ClipCube Media Email video signature Price list