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  • St Regis Hotel

    ClipCube Media produced this video with BVP to create a mood of quality 5 star service, excellent outlets, class and relaxation the hotel and its facilites.


  • GEA PGA Summit Web site, Video and Event Management

    ClipCube Media worked with Golf Education Asia to promote and run their PGA Coaching Summit at the Landmark Hotel Ball Room, in Bangkok.

    Website Development and Design

    CipCube Media designed and produced the website with registration features and 5 language support on the website for English, Thai, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.



  • DMT Global Webpage Development

    Clipcube Media DMT Global website developmentThe DMT Global corporate website theme was coded to ensure there were no bugs, designed build using Drupal and the base CMS platform. The website is also hosted on our servers.

    The website include video, document downloads, contact forms and a login to a private area for people to join whihc also is role ba...

  • Malaria Elimination Web Application

    ClipCube Media Malaria Web Application produced for Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University contracted us to produce a free, internet-based, user-friendly and interactive mathematical model of malaria elimination as a tool for policy makers. The web based application uses an algorythm developed by the research unit from which we build the web application a...

  • Presmann Website Development

    The Presman corporate website was 1 of 2 websites made, with the second called www.presamannbarsolutions.com

    The corporate website we desgined to introduce the bar solutions but also present the other food related products and services,and related brands.

    The themes were coded, not purchased, and the design approved before developing under Drupal 7 with multi language, video, custom forms, as w...

  • Banyan Thailand Website

    The Banyan Hua Hin Resort and Golf Course website was a creation working closely with Banyan's marketing team to plan the website and select the best content. In addition, to integrating the online booking system, we optimised the site for SEO purposes to promote the Resort, Golf course and residences and, translated and deployed the site to support 4 other languages, all of which we manage on behalf of the Banyan. 

    The key elements involve simplicity, style, engagement to create an ambient and inviting atmosphere.

    The site is built on Drupal Content...

  • Grant Property Interview with CEO Peter Grant

    Grant Property Video

    View some more videos at the ClipCube YouTube channel

    ClipCube produced an infomercial for Grant Property where we interviewed Peter Grant - CEO - and integrated graphics about the property market and real estate opportunities in the UK.

    Grant Property is quite a unique company based out of Scotland wh...

  • No Idea Gastropub webpage and graphics

    The No Idea Gastopub website is designed to be very simple, clean, practical and interesting.

    The owner allowed us free reign to design the site and make the graphics. ClipCube Media continue to maintain and update the website and develop graphics for events and alike. As we also do for the No Idea Gastropub Facebook page.

  • E books and Catalogues

    E-Catalogues and Brochures

    Making a dynamic digital publication retains the feeling of print media and provides the richness of print across PCs and mobile devices, but with simple features to assist the reader in finding and understanding what they are reading. This may be in the form of searching, increasing or decreasing the text size, extending the search to the Internet, accessing links and video for supplementary information or placin...

  • Chang Beer Event Management, Video clips and teaser, documentary and Facebook Management

    The Chang Beer India Rickshaw Run Event was a multi-media campaign of a duration of 3 months including event and location​ planning, Facebook and email promotion, event planning, competition design, video interviews, graphic design, video clip development of the journey and the final development of a 45 minute documentary.

    The objective of the project was to promote the Chang Slogan "Live Like You Mean It !" while boosting the Facebook fan base and YouTube views. The result has been Chang Beer has built a large following and amongst other activities has grown their fan b...

  • WorldMoto and Wheelies videos


    ClipCube has been working with WorldMoto creating video advertising and video PR designed for the web, media and trade shows. The videos range in their objectives ranging from brand awareness to product explanation with a call to action.

    Their products include Wheelies, and motocycle advertising medium; motometer,a motorcycle taxi meter; and Yes an exclusive private delivery service. WorldMoto is now listed as an IPO.

    Clipcube work with WorldMoto from conception of the video to publishing and distribution; identifying objectives and mood to cre...

  • Stand-up Comedy Show

    ClipCube organised the "A Night of Scottish Comedy" a charity fundraiser for The Gift of Happiness Foundation.

    ClipCube arranged the comedians, event, marketing, sponsor sourcing, event teaser and ticketing. The 2 stand up shows were recorded and made into a DVD.

    The event was very successful with more than 270 people attending, 10 corporate sponsors and raised $6,000 US, after all costs. The event has now become an annual event on the expatriate calendar.