Facebook Advertising

Traditional advertising is dying. Consider this example: A client of ours runs a Wedding Expo show and wants to target newly engaged brides. There are many advertising options our client could consider, but none are so focused that they can target engaged women between the ages of 25-45, in a 50 mile radius of the event address. With Facebook, you can.

  • Connect with more than 500 million potential customers
  • Choose your audience by location, age and interests
  • Test simple image and text-based ads and use what works
  • Promote your Facebook Page or website
  • Use the "Like" button to increase your ad's influence
  • Build a community around your business
  • Control Your Budget

Typical Facebook Ad Campaign Launches include:

  • Creating the Facebook Ad Account
  • Rsearching competitive activity on Facebook
  • Setting a not-to-exceed daily spending budget 
  • Researching a list of keywords and placing them in the ad system
  • Setting limits on geographical targets
  • Managing the bids to create the best value we can for each click
  • Creating up to 3 Ads and put them in rotation
  • Creating landing pages for more detailsfrom the adverts
  • Monthly reporting on the campaigns

Hire us today to launch and manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns.