Aerial Drone Filming

Inspire 1 drone stationary   Inspire 1 equipment  Inspire 1 studio scene  


Drone filming was very expensive, the quality of footage was less than stable and of poor quality, and you had a very limited distance to travel before your drone lost the signal or ran out of batteries.


Today ClipCube uses the Inspire 1 Quadcopter Drone. Providing 4x Full High definition footage from a 3D axis gimbal, travelling up to 20 minutes to a distance of 1-2 kilometers. We ru with 2 operators, one managing the flight and the other managing the shot.


ClipCube operates as a certified member of the Thai film office and our operators are certified with the Civil Aviation Department.

We film, hotels or any expanse of land, properties, concerts, sports arenas, movie / advertising scenes, golf courses, factories, mountain, sea and beach locations basically anything that benefits from height scenes.


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