Dazzle and Engage your audience with a Multi Media Experience


Case study: Sizzler Restaurant Online Orientation Training Application


Multimedia involves the integration of different types of media including, text, audio, images, animation, and video, to trigger the senses to create an engaging experience.


Whether it is an inhouse application or to educate the public, the multi media experience will inspire your audience and educate them.


Whether hospitals, equipment manufacturers, government, software companies or general educators using Multimedia holds the audience's attention by being interesting and fun.


Whether the user is on a PC, mobile or tablet, the simplicity of "one click" makes each action simple. Incorporating video, audio and animation makes the experience dynamic.


Do you have any communications, orientations, processes or training that are repetitive? Such as induction training, company policy, health and safety, software applications, manuals, product training etc.


Educating using multi-media application saves time and resources, and can be adapted as requirements change.


Our management system allows logging on, instant exam results and reporting, user progress monitoring.


The art is the not just the esthetic visuals but the design of the functionality to move the user through the application and be willing to share their experience with others.


ClipCube develops multimedia applications that can be accessed on an organizations intranet or via the clients web server, or hosted from ClipCube's server and include:

  • Video tutorials
  • Presentations
  • Open quiz or competition
  • Online exams


The systems provide notifications to the user and management. It is role based. Managers can register users and relevant tasks and the system will provide reports on user statistics, status of progress, module and final test results on completion, or on demand.


Our customers include:

  • HR departments
  • Training centers
  • Industrial and consumer manufacturers
  • Restaurant chains


All multimedia applications can be multi lingual and customized for different regions and cultures.


Example: Sizzler Restaurant Online Orientation Training Application

  Restaurant Online Training logon    Test Management   User Management    Multimedia Quiz   

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The objective of the Sizzler multi-media training application was to provide an orientation to new staff that were starting at a branch.


This was a repetitive task, where all new staff were trained in a classroom before they started working in a restaurant. It meant that a full time trainer had to be employed, materials produced and tests produced, sat and marked, which took up time and did not provide an opportunity to re-test or attend a new training session without further cost and time.The result being staff started work without being prepared, meaning more management time, risk and possible issues with other staff who had to carry new staff members.


By developing the system, staff could log on to the system and go though the different modules as and when they were free via a computer, mobile or tablet. Management could see their progress though the modules, whether they had completed any of the quizzes. Staff could only move to the next module when they had completed the first one and could only complete the training when they had passed the final test.


The point was not to evaluate how clever the person was. It was to make sure that they had viewed and learnt the materials, no matter how many times it took to pass the final tests.


Where it was found that staff who had passed, failed to enact the module teaching, a manager could allocate a section for the training to be repeated by that member of staff. Therefore it could be utilized at any time by a manager.


The multi-media program includes:


Content features:

  • Module introductory videos.
  • Interactive graphical screens.
  • Static text and graphical screens.
  • Multiple choice tests (repeatable)
  • Final multiple choice tests which swap out question every time a person sits the final test.


Categories include:

  1. Welcome, company orientation and work practices.
  2. Food Safety and Hygiene.
  3. Work place, health and safety