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Social Media is an essential media tool to promote your brand and communicate with your target market. BUT if not planned and  managed correctly it can have a negative effect.

ClipCube Media helps you select which social media channel best fits your branding strategy within different markets and manages the whole process from content development to developing competitions to promotion, supporting English and Thai.


Our Experience:

ClipCube Media take care of both large and small organsations social media in South East Asia, from our offices in Bangkok. Our clients include large International Organisations like Chang beer where we run their global Facebook site, to small businsses like restaurants, consumer foods, manufacturers, etc.



Before taking on any project, we need to understand how your business works, competitors, your target market profile, the product positioning and message and your goals. We also look at the legal / social environment you work under, for example if you are an alcohol brand there are restrictions on what images you may use. We also study your brand policy and brief.

This information allows us to understand yoru vision and develop structured campaigns across your social media platforms to produce the results and meet the goals you want us to achieve and within the budget provided.


We provide:

  1. Content development (English and Thai)
  2. Graphic design, video production, photography, copywriting
  3. Content posting across different social media plaforms
  4. Engagement activities
  5. Competition development and management
  6. Advertising management
  7. Database management
  8. Site management
  9. Social Media policy management - keeping up with changing policies
  10. Online project management system so you can see what is being posted when.


What makes ClipCube Media different:

  • We have a passion for what we do, are systematic and creative in our approach, and have executive business experience across different industries.
  • We monitor the industry to ensure we are inline with what new technology and social media channels are doing.
  • Our world wide media network allows us appoint photographers and videographers around the world to capture footage/images of your events.
  • Our creative talent is engagind, producing relevant content ideas and activities via our brainstorming workshops.
  • Brand management expertise allows us to be part of your business and contribute to your growth and image.