Email Distribution Management and Newsletters - Stakeholder Communication


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Even with the growing popularity of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, email continues to be one of the most effective ways of building and retaining those valuable customer relationships. 


Is it difficult to produce a regular newsletter? Yes it is if you are making your own. Why? Because when someone inside the company asks people of a similar or higher position in the company, to submit content, people tend to delay and the organizer is shy to keep asking. BUT when a 3rd party is being paid to make the newsletter, are not employees and are accountable to the process, they will make every effort to comply with deadlines, or the newsletter is late and peers and superiors will not be too happy. In addition, if you do not have the skills in house like a graphic designer, experienced copywriter, a knowledge of SEO or the management tools, your newsletter will be detrimental to your brand and could portray your business poorly.


Sample real estate email and newletter template  Sample industry email and newletter template  Sample spa and culture email and newletter template  Sample fragrance email and newletter template  Sample wine email and newletter template   Sample entertainment and event email and newletter template

The keys to a successful newsletter:

  1. Be Consistent: Be careful – consistent doesn’t mean spamming. But, being too infrequent with your communication will likely cause your customers to forget who you are.
  2. Make It Personal: We send new subscribers a note a few days after they sign up or show interest in a link, and ask about their interests, career, goals and what they hope to gain from your newsletter. This helps you to cater your newsletter to their needs and establish a relationship.
  3. Encourage Interaction: Include polls, surveys and other ways for your readers to interact with you.
  4. No Hard Sell: Yes, the purpose of your newsletter is to increase traffic and boost sales but nothing turns a reader off quicker than the hard sell. Fill your newsletter with relevant content, education and an occasional plug and you’ll see results soon enough.


ClipCube develops a template for our clients in English and Thai, copywrite all text, manage images (ensure they are legal), create landing pages for links and distribute your newsletter to the your mailing list. But more than that, we manage the process, manage and clean your database, create and proof the content (English and Thai) which boosts your search engine ranking, manage the images and create triggers to follow up on clicked links. We also create analytical reports on performance and identify the country location of each recipient.