E-Catalogues for brochures and newsletters - Just like the living newspaper in Harry Potter


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In the past e-catalogues (Flipbooks) took time to access. Today, due to higher internet speeds they are a lot faster and provide that quality experience instantly.


Many people still use PDF's or free flipbook converters. This is fine, but they fail to offer key features that make a difference to your branding awareness and sales execution objectives. See a feature list and what we do.


What can you use e-catalogues for?

  • Retail catalogues
  • Real Estate Property marketing
  • Events or exhibitions for exibitors and participants
  • Newletters, newspapers and magazines
  • Training manuals
  • Books, annual report, directories


Whether it is digital publishing or development of an interactive catalogue, ClipCube designs and builds your media to allow your readers to flick through your text on a smartphone, tablet or on a PC or Mac and act or share on what they see.


Making a dynamic digital publication retains the feeling and richness of print, but with simple features to assist the reader in finding, understanding and acting upon what they are reading or view from video/images. This may be in the form of searching, increasing or decreasing the text size, extending the search to the Internet, accessing links and video for supplimentary information or adding voice or music to your publication. It allows you to select what you print, enabling you can create a database of articles that can be searched on a hard drive or  be shared with others seamlessly.


Whether you have a PDF for us to convert, or need us to design template . Whether you  need integration to a 3rd party system like inventory control or want to add flash or video, we will manage the process of planning, designing, content development and input and distribution, for you.


We produce Flipbooks in HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, Mobile, tablets and can burn to auto run on DVDs (we'll also print the DVD for you).